Oferr of  accessories

Accessories that we offer, guarantee higher quality of performed treatment.
This offer includes disposable articles, tools, covers for cosmetic beds, armchairs, protective clothing.

Disposable articles

To provide hygiena during cosmetic surgeries, we highly recommend disposable articles: caps, bands, protective masks, bases, napkins, paper and lined towels, flip-flops, panties, bras, dust-free wipes.

Pliers, tweezers – EKS

201501152153381125271804EKS LOGOSolingen is German prestigious company which specializes in production of the tools necessary for work in a beauty salon.

In our offer we have:
• professional peel clippers EKS Solingen made from stainless steel, length of the clippers – 10 cm
• rivet, an element which links two hands, ideally compacted in order not to find any space in the construction, guarantees longer vitality of the tool and higher quality of performed treatment
• adapted to complex disinfection and sterilization
• double spring
• tweezers to remove unwanted hair

Terry articles

reczniki-frotte-2We have in our offer terry articles:
sheets for armchairs, cosmetic beds, stools, tippets, bands, gloves, small duvets.


vena-tunika-spa-7-biala-z-turkusowa-lamowkaWe present white, colourful, in different styling, with pink, blue and grey piping aprons of high quality, which are latched or zippered. They are perfect for beautitions and masseuses.

They are made from high-class, easy to wash material. They have different lengths and for this reason they can be worn with trousers or function as a dress.


It is necessary to keep an appropriate level of hygiena in a beauty salon. In order to do it, we recommend you to use appropriate disinfectants for skin and surfaces.

One of the best methods of tool sterilization is using autoclave, which ensures work safety.


Ecolab Company offers Henkel Professional Line, which includes professional products destined for professional recipients. These products are characteristic for their concentrated figure, high productivity and economical packaging.

esteer-logoEsteer is German company providing cleaning products for over 20 years.
It specializes in creating products, which ensure cleanliness and hygiena in different type of institutions. Hospitals, medical offices, laboratories, food manufacturers are the main recipients of these company products. Excellent washing, disinfection and antifungal properties of the products make the company the main provider of the cleaning products to medical institutions.

Esteer’s offer includes preparations for skin disinfection, hands’ washing and products for tools and surface’s disinfection. Company’s products are applicable in beauty salons.

They are used for cosmetic tools disinfection and antibacterial hands’ washing.


Reverberi-LogoBABY Autoclave – perfect for beauty salons, dentists, tatoo salons.
Small external dimensions let us freely set device in every possible place of the salon. Capacity of autoclave’s chamber is 7l. It allows you to freely put two trays of sterilization packages. BABY enables sterilization of solid, deep charges and packed or unpacked porous charges.

Autoclave is equiped with two temperatures of sterilization: 121°C i 134°C with an extra 3 min drying cycle and PRION cycle. 30 min timer lets us select an appropriate time of effective sterilization. Autoclave’s double door closing system protects service from accidental opening.
Extremely easy and intuitive service of Autoclave. BABY meets all the standards and EU directives required in Poland.