Candles’ offer

Unique candles’ aromas make every treatment a special, unforgettable experience, which introduces you into the state of sensual and deep relaxation.

In our offer we have also candles from Yankee brand and candles for massage.

Yankee Candle
Yankee-Candle-logoYankee Candles are products of high quality, produced with passion for 40 years.

All the scents are strictly checked, verified and tested by well-experienced team of scent experts in order to provide as good impressions as possible.

Each aroma is created with passion with the use of natural smelling extracts and eteric oils.

Massage candles (Beauty Image)
HOT-swiece-do-masazuCandle for warm massage with regenerative action.

Thanks to this candle we can provide you a massage in a special way: with warm oil.

It uses properties of beautifully, essentially scented oils which create unique atmosphere of relaxation during massage.

Candle represents ideal alternative for classic preparations for massage.

It can be used for any type of skin. Its composition consists of vegetable oils, aloe vera or cotton oils. It doesn’t include paraffin. After massage your skin will be soft, delicate, smooth and subtly scented.