Offer of devices and equipment

We offer high-class devices for face and body care, which form complex equipment of every beauty salon.

With the growing needs of our clients, we develop our offer and enrich it with modern devices, which live up to our most demanding clients’ expectations.

activActiv Company is currently the biggest manufacturer and importer of beauty salons and hairdressers’ equipment components in Poland.

It was founded in 2003 in Wrocław by Iwona and Tomasz Pacholczyk.

Thanks to modern IT solutions, high quality service and individual approach to a client, this company has been brand leader for many many years.

We have over 1800 commodity indexes in our constant offer and every single year there is an introduction of another 70 new products.

Activ Company is general representative of well-known, prestigious brand, such as: Giovanni, Elegante RedLine, NSK, Depilux, Depiflax, Ing.

biomakBiomak Company has been producing cosmetic equipment since 1989 (this year it will be 28 years).

From the very beginning, we have been gathering around us the best constructors, energetic people with huge experience and knowledge in the field of design and production of cosmetic devices.

Dynamic development and modern technology let us be the leader manufacturer on Polish market for many years.
According to our offer you can fully and professionally equip your beauty salon.
Our devices are used in the majority of beauty salons in Poland.

abacosunAbacosun is leading company in Poland, which specializes in the equipment of beauty salons, SPA and solariums since 1995.

It is also one of the most recognizable brands in Poland in its field. The company has stable financial situation supported by its own funds, service-office buildings and warehouses.

As a leader, Abacosun, is constantly investing in its growth, development, is implementing innovative treatment methods and products. Such actions provide to their clients certain investment of money and open straight way to success.

We are pioneers on a native market in popularization of non-invasive slimming methods and skin rejuvenation with the usage of special devices on a wide scale.

We offer selected and confirmed products, which meet contemporary clients’ needs, who expect the highest quality and effectiveness. Their innovation and high quality are confirmed by numerous prizes.

Thousands of beauty salons cooperate with Abacosun to achieve success and multiply profits.

btlBTL Industries Limited is an international company, which specializes in production and distribution of medical devices of high quality.

Nowadays, the main location of the company is in Great Britain. BTL products are sold all around the world through extended network of representatives and official distributors.

BTL delivers products on the market, which meet the highest standards of quality. Devices are produced in strict accordance to international standards ISO13485:2003 and have certificated CE.

BTL Poland Sp. z.o.o was founded in 2001 as another part in the chain of the developing world-class distribution network and is an official representative of BTL Company in Poland.

The main aim of BTL Poland is not only sale of BTL products but also very wide support for their users. That’s why we offer whole range of extra services: technical and service help, consulting, training, seminars, free trial use of devices, discounts for regular customers, system for financing sales (leasing, installments), upgrade of devices.

In BTL Poland Company’s offer there is wide range of devices for cardiology, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, hydrotherapy, gynecology and esthetic medicine. BTL products are distinguished by innovation and original look. They are characterised with very high parametres of performance. What is more, they have unique functions and at the same time they are easy to use and are affordable at reasonable prices.

pandaPanda’s Company mission is to fulfill your dreams about modern beauty salons, comfortable working conditions and unusual interiors.

We put all the effort for your clients to spend unforgettable moments taking advantage of your company’s services in unique interiors created with an assistance of Panda Company.

The company has been working since 1989 to confirm its leader position on the market.

It is manufacturer of hairdresser’s, cosmetic, wellness & spa furniture. It also arranges the beauty interior for our clients.

… „brave design”, „beautiful interiors”, „solid partner in business”

hebeHebe brand with many successes has been functioning since 2005. Production and service is located in Wrocław.

Hebe devices are the effect of many years of experience and practice, as well as the answer to our most demanding clients’ needs.

They are equipment of many beauty salons in Poland and abroad.

The main mission of the company is to create INNOVATIVE, RELIABLE, PROFESSIONAL cosmetic devices at ATTRACTIVE PRICES. All Hebe devices have required research and certificates, including “NOT” confirming innovation.

If you decide to buy Hebe equipment, you will receive:
• device designed by Polish engineers
• modern technology at reasonable prices
• attractive prices of devices
• individual choice of functions
• fast and pleasant service
• 2 years of warranty
• professional trainings
• training script and manual