Products for eyelashes

Thanks to our products, you can stylize your eyelashes depending on what you need – from very natural to drama effect.
Luxury Lashes
We love lashes in Luxury Lashes!

The treatment of extension and thickening eyelashes Luxury Lashes will give volume to your lashes and emphasize the depth of your look. In order to enjoy the magic of the look for longer period of time, don’t forget about special eyelashes care after the treatment:

  • up to 48 hours after the application of eyelashes you should avoid damp places, such as: swimming pool, sauna and a long, hot bath
  • up to 24 hours after the treatment you should avoid nursing cosmetics and make-up in the area close to eyes
  • for some time after the treatment you should avoid fatty cosmetics and preparations for make-up removal
  • you should always do the make-up removal very gently without hard rubbing in order not to weaken the bonds
  • for everyday care it is recommended to use special brush for combing eyelashes
  • while wearing artificial eyelashes you should avoid using fatty preparations for speeding growth of lashes
  • remember about systematical and reasonable completion of your lashes
Luxury Lashes products
  • Lashes on the palette Luxury Lashes Mink Cashmere twist J, B, C, D – a palette of 16 rows of lashes, length: 8-16 mm, thickness: 0,05-0,25. Lashes Premium of a MINK type with an additive cashmere. They are comfortable in use, very light, elastic and incredibly soft.
  • Glue Luxury Lashes Super Ultra – fast-drying glue for professional advanced lashes application. The time of drying is approximately 1 second. Durability: 5-8 weeks. Semisolid, slightly leaking consistency provides comfortable and fast work. Capacity: 5/10 ml.
  • Glue Luxury Lashes Professional – glue for professional lashes application, we recommend it especially for beginners. The time of drying is approximately 2-3 seconds. The time of binding: 5-8 weeks. Semisolid, slightly leaking consistency provides comfortable and easy work. Capacity: 5/10 ml.
  • Remover Luxury Lashes – delicate glue removal, it easily and quickly dissolves glue bonding without violating the structure of natural lashes. Gel texture makes application easier. Capacity: 10 ml.
  • Primer Luxury Lashes – purifies and degreases natural lashes before the treatment. It improves lashes adhesion and makes an impact on a better durability of the treatment of lashes extension. Capacity: 15 ml.
  • Steel tweezers Vetus – appropriately balanced tools providing precised separated lashes and perfect application. There are several types of tweezers: I, L, J.
  • Stone of nephrite / crystal stand – they are used as stands under the glue. Cold surface provides bigger economy and longer usage of a glue. Diameter: 50 mm.
  • Holder Professional – every stylist’s kit. It helps in keeping the order of all accessories necessary for work (lashes, glue).
  • Ring for glue / chalice – a ring placed on a finger is a base on which you can put a chalice with a glue. The ring can be used many times and chalices can be replaced.
  • Cotton pads under eyes – specially formed shape allows to adjust each pad for every type of the eye. Cotton pad protects lashes, eyelids and doesn’t irritate the skin near the eye.
  • Medical tape – for pasting lower eyelid in order to protect lower lashes. It is an alternative for cotton pads under eyes, especially for allergic people.
  • Foam tape – hypoallergenic tape for pasting lower eyelid in order to protect lower lashes. Incredibly delicate and efficient, doesn’t reflect the light.
  • Bellows – it speeds the glue binding making the treatment of lashes extension much more faster.
  • Brushes – used before, during and after the treatment for combing the lashes and placing them in proper positions. The package contains 20 articles.
  • Fiber-free applicators – comfortable in use, fiber-free, made out of a material which doesn’t absorb liquids, such as: primer and remover. The package contains 100 articles.
  • Make-up removal cotton pads – comfortable cotton pads for make-up removal are soaked with a delicate degreasing substance. It effectively prepares lashes for the treatment. The package contains 75 articles.
  • Fixative – colourless fixative for extended lashes. It definitely speeds up the glue binding and extends the vitality of bindings between natural and artificial lashes.
  • Trunk – it keeps the order among all the accessories and products necessary for performing a treatment of lashes extension.
  • LED magnifying glassess – glasses include 3 parta: 1.5, 2.5, 3.5 diopter. Additionally, they have a lamp LED PACKAGE LUXURY LASHES EXTRA. These sets are composed individually.
  • ardellArdell offers complete set to create seductive look.
    Ardell’s eyelashes are known to be uniquely comfortable and a pleasure to wear.
    They are very light, easy to use and remove.
    wimpernwellePERM ON EYELASHES

    Treatment for permanent Wimpernwelle eyelashes’ modulation is destined for smooth although long-term effect of twisting eyelashes, especially for clients, whose eyelashes are long and straight.

    Treatments are designed to be performed in beauty salons by make-up artists.


    In our offer we have cream, gel or loose henna and preparations useful for eyelashes and eyebrows’ colouring. These products are professional, safe and don’t cause skin irritation.
    refectocil Professional henna for eyelashes and eyebrows’ colouring.

    Extremely easy to use, hygenic and doesn’t leave marks on the skin. It is fantastic for both eyelashes and eyebrows.


    Henna for eyelashes and eyebrows from Intensive.

    Great, cream consistency, which doesn’t hurt skin and color it. According to the henna’s holding time on eyebrows or eyelashes, you can receive intesive colouring effect. The longer you hold it, the darker hair will be.


    Loose henna

    Loose henna in black and brown colour.
    It gives strong, long-term colour effect. It is used only for professional use – very strong operation.[/trx_content]