Shellac Nail Color is the first this type of product in the world. After almost five years of working on this product in laboratories CND, we can finally ensure that this is the end of struggles with spraying, smudges and too long time of drying.

Let’s welcome Shellac Nail Color! This product is a revolutionary discovery, because it is put like nail polish – base, colour, top coat – it is hardened by UV lamp, it remains without any scars, shiny and saturated for 14 days and it is removed in a few minutes!

The time needed for drying is minimal.
Shellac color is hypo-allergic and 3-Free, which means free from formaldehyde, toluen and DBP. This product is thin and elastic like polish. Not only does it look naturally, but also it supports nail protection through elastic, mirror finish, which isn’t matted or splashed even during household duties. The colour of the bottle equals the colour, which you get after Shellac stylization.


Revolutionary polish, which provides one week of fashionable perfection … withouth using the base …

Nail polish, which increases its durability under the infulence of natural light. While other, ordinary nail varnishes crumble and their look gets worse with flying time, VINYLUX is flawlessly beautiful and even more resistant. This is a product, which empowers you with self-confidence and will never let you down! Change the colour because you want to, not because you have to!