Mistero Milano can be translated as „The secret of Milan”, which means perfectly hidden and nursed recipe of the creation of beauty, the sense of art, the materialization of dreams, the combination of fiction and reality.
Mistero Milano’s logo consists of a graphic symbol, which was divided into two parts symbolizing the character of a brand – naturality, elegance and peace as well as encouragement to energetic life and living this life to the full. This philosophy was reflected in Mistero Milano products, which allow to perform perfect stylizations of french as well as extravagant nail decoration with gel and acrylic methods.

Our products are targeted to professionals. In the offer, there are polymers and UV gels using the achievements of the newest chemical technology, which lets you perform perfect nail stylizations. Polymer and gel systems were divided into lines for stylists, who begin their work in this occupation and for those of high technical skills. In Mistero Milano range, there are also auxiliary products and cosmetic tools of high quality. All of the products were developed in terms of stylistic and qualitative features in order to live up to the expectations of our the most demanding clients.

The mission of Mistero Milano company is to give an opportunity of a constant development and make our clients’ work easier by delivering them innovative products of the highest quality.
Mistero Milano values:

  • Quality – all of the products offered by us have to undergo the range of demanding tests in order to satisfy us and our clients with the final effect.
  • Honesty – we adhere to the highest moral and ethic standards and we are guided by righteousness, reliability and honesty in interpersonal relations.
  • Service – every client is treated individually and for his/her service there is always a group of oustanding specialists ready to help.