Products for piercing

As the biggest world-class manufacturer of systems and accessories for ear piercing, STUDEX meets the need for the variety of products on different markets. The company has been existing on Polish market for 15 years and is the only representative for the whole world.

We offer wide variety of systems and earrings for ear and body piercing.

Body earrings (Studex)
studex_logo_2We have in our offer earrings for body piercing, such as:
• earring to a navel
• „banana earring” to an eyebrow
• „labret earring” to lips
• „pigmey earring” to a nose
• „barbell earring” to a tongue
Earrings (Studex)
We offer STUDEX earrings. They are sterile and tightly packed.

We have wide range of fanstastic earrings in different stylish patterns. They are all hypoalergic and don’t include nickel, lead, cadmium or cobalt.

Appropriately embedded clasps enable effective air circulation, which helps healing process.

Piercing devices (Studex)

Over three decades of innovative design and improvements resulted in piercing device, which is easy to use and clean.

If you use sterile earrings simultaneously and other STUDEX accessories, you will be provided with years of trouble-free ear piercing.

System 75 was designed as easy to use and it uses only disposable cartridges for ear piercing. For this reason it is considered as a system which lives up to professionals’ expectations. System 75 offers many more advantages to professionals than any other piercing devices.

Disposable cartridge with an earring:
• Earring and clasp are sterile and put in the single sterile cartridge.
• Cartridges are packed in pairs and linked for your comfort, but of course they can be separated in order to make a single sting without destroying sterility of unused cartridge.
• Earring is visible inside the package in order to be easily identified.
• Top of the earring is visible during piercing in order to place it easily and precisely target to previously marked point of piercing.
• Clasp closes an earring automatically with appropriate spaces from ear in order to enable the process of healing. We have also disposable, tightly packed devices for nose piercing.

In our offer we have products necessary for performing a treatment of ear and body piercing.
• surgical pens
• disinfection swabs
• lotions after piercing
• diplomas