Micro Cell – perfect skin, hands and strong nails for all women making their appearance the highest standards!

Parico Cosmetics GmbH company and Micro Cell brand are the leadres of nails and hands care.

This is German company with more than 25 years of tradition and experience in research on hands and nails’ skin.

MICRO CELL brand’s success is the result of many years of science research confirmed by huge experience of specialists in the field of hands and nails care. It is also based on the cooperation of different products and high concentration of active components. Each MICRO CELL product is designed in such way to rebuild destroyed nail’s plate and regenerate weak cellular fibers.

This makes MICRO CELL products incredibly effective with the guarantee of fast and efficient action.

The history of MICRO CELL brand goes back to the early 80., when the owner of Parico Cosmetics – Mrs Monika Honscher decided to start research on creating special conditioner. The other tests led to the creation of the product, which not only hardened the plate, but also regenerated with the assurance of natural flexibility of the nail. This formula became an absolute hit, and its producs became the leader on the market.

MICRO CELL brand is the leader in the field of hands and nails care in Germany.

It is present in many places around the world.